ORIFLAME Employer Branding Visual Image

Especially for this Employer Branding Campaign we developed an interesting design style, which combines bright sketch illustrations with shots taken from “above” angle.

Oriflame: Creative Key Visual & Graphic Design

Case description

In January 2016, we got a very interesting project from Oriflame. The objective was to develop a unique brand image of the employer to communicate with students and employees. And not just to show Oriflame as an employer, but reveal that it is more than just a great place to work. The image itself should be used in a variety of channels, including the Internet, printing, and out-of-home advertising.


While working on the project, we came up with the idea to show Oriflame through the working table where colleagues gather and create something special. That style of visualization was 100% on a right way and we were given a go-ahead for further development.

The basis of the final composition was a huge working desk on which, depending on the subject, we arranged various icons depicting certain activities and the company’s values. Also, we gathered 8 people round the table and gave each of them a “chip” – the first one was sketching a design of the new catalog cover, the second one was drinking coffee and pondering, the third one was analyzing costs and profits…

Besides, we want to highlight the style of the image, which in our view has turned out very successful. The idea to combine hand-drawn graphics and photographs is not new at all, but we have not tried yet to combine flat-design with a photo. As a result, we created a bright detailed image that stands out of the other advertising media and has all chances to become notable.

As a result, we developed 3 types of Key Visual under different categories of the target audience, more than 50 hand-drawn icons, created A3 poster and Roll-up for the career exhibition.






Russian, English


15 January 2016


Creative Branding, Key Visual, Illustration, Graphic Design