100% Handmade design & lettering
100% Handmade design & lettering
Two types of poster were designed to try different ways of promotion
Social Media Interaction was the core of the whole promotion. We chose Facebook and Instagram to be the main tools
We made these flyers for a massive distribution in Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi, as well as the placement in the sleeping buses (so popular among backpackers)

#JustADollar: Creative Branding & Promotional Campaign

Case description

The management of a young and very promising hotel in Vietnam, LongSon Mui Ne, asked us for help. Their problem was that despite the fact that they were able to develop a unique positioning – a campground for backpackers, they did not succeed to attract European travelers. However, after talking with the owners, we realized that Europe is not the only target. We were given the task – to develop a solution which will attract travelers (in age 22-35) from around the world.


Having analysed the targeted audience, we found that many of the backpackers have some sort of hobby to find a very cheap and good stuff / food / hotels / activity in different countries and share it with their blog readers or other travelers.

Based on this idea we came up with the competition, which spread all over the internet and started a new trend. Mechanics was simple – take a picture of something cool for $ 1 and post it on Instagram or Facebook with the hashtag #justadollar. Once a week the hotel representatives selected the best posts and chose the winner of the week, giving him/her three days of accommodation for free.

Likewise, we decided to write the winner’s name in chalk on a special wall, take a picture and upload photos on the web, noting the guy. Can you imagine that you have won a few free nights at the hotel in the country where you planned to go one day and now you have your name on the wall? Definitely, this place would be your next destination!

Attention to the contest was also actively backed up by online and offline promotion (posters, leaflets, booklets and smart info placement) directly in Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi.

Amazing, incredible experience! Wonderful idea and excellent implementation. Thank you, Cutlines! Tang Thu Ha, CEO LongSon Mui Ne


LongSon Mui Ne Restaurant & Campground


English, Vietnamese


01 Dec 2015


Creative Branding, Print Design, Social Media Promotion, Strategy