Interactive Features

We’ve worked a lot on Usability to make the Workbook really practical for everyday use. We developed various Interaction Features like the ability to make notes, complex transitions into categories and links (internal & external), an active menu, filling out the forms and answers and further Save it on the device.

IKEA Leadership Program Workbook

Case description

The IKEA Leadership is a 12-months-program that focuses on your personal development, business expertise and the IKEA culture and concept. For the convenience of students’ Learning Process and IKEA Mentoring on this course, we were asked to develop an interactive and easy-to-use solution for both Studying and Supervision purposes.


We developed an Interactive Workbook that was easy to use in both Printed and PDF versions. Its essence was to gradually Train and Track Employees Performance and provide a really convenient and useful tool for Taking Notes and Studying.

The Printed version included a Branded Folder with the Workbook inside. The Interactive version was designed for Mobile Devices (tablets, notebooks, smartphones). The greatest scope for creativity, of course, was in PDF-version, where we were able to create a truly user-friendly Navigation, fillable Forms and Notes.








1 August 2014


Graphic Design, Usability, Layout Design, Packaging

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