Hill's Smokeria Branding & Identity

How it started

We love barbecue, but in Binh Thuan, Vietnam, unfortunately, there are not that many places where you can find a good one. But we found an exception. After some time, already acquainted with the owner – Hill Minh Hai, we were asked to help with the re-branding.


We created the name, logo and corporate style, which attracts the attention and is memorable. As a brand sign, we proposed a fire sign, which in combination with “Smokeria” associated with a barbecue restaurant. The menu we did on wooden plates with a clip that makes it easy to change the sheets and save money on printing. Also, we have developed a business card with Clear map (it is really important for Vietnam, where it is very difficult to find the right place) and envelopes for communication with suppliers.

Also, we created several social media accounts that such a place like this should have: a clear page on TripAdvisor, a group on VK, a page on Facebook and, for sure, an Instagram account.


Hill's Smokeria Smokehouse & Restaurant


English, Vietnamese


19 January 2015


Identity, Print Design, Restaurant