We created around 20 custom pages describing different company opportunities and services, including 4 custom "Locations" with a complex backend architecture link system.
Fully responsive grid that we created included 95% of all most popular mobile devices nowadays.
In addition to the website we created a "Handy Forecast" widget what allowed anyone to view the wind forecast for tomorrow. The only thing needed is to bookmark a special URL provided in the "Info" button in header of the widget and here you go!

Happy Kite Global: Responsive Multilingual Website

Case description

The global kitesurfing school Happy Kite turned to us to help them combine all the sites of their kite-stations (They run 5 schools worldwide at the moment ) in a single portal and to develop a single convenient content management system. At first glance, the problem seemed to us not much complicated, but soon we realized what a huge and technically complex functionality should be developed for this task.


We developed a new portal, which included: a description of the school, a kite shop, basic service descriptions and 4 destination pages. The new site combined the latest web development and design technologies, to be clear, simple, fast and technologically advanced. That is why the customer did not even raise any questions like “Whether to use responsive grid or not?”, “Should we use a CMS?” etc.

In addition to responsive and other advanced “Must-Have” features, we developed and implemented a complex content management system, operated by several managers accounts for each direction.

Ease of the site management for the owner is important, however, we also took care of the customers too – we developed a multilingual interface and special “Handy Forecast” widget.

But what about the SEO-optimization? We’ve worked on the field as well – we spent around 50 hours on the optimization of all available links, files, text, and image attributes.

As a result, we created a fast, convenient and tech portal, which currently is operated by 20+ people.


Happy-Kite Global


English, Russian


20 Dec 2015


Web Design, Web Development

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