Having a goal to reach an audience in age of 21-25 we decided to put all our efforts in online channel using Landing Page as a destination point for all the hyperlinks and offline refferals.
Two types of posters (Girl & Boy) were used to attract some attention in target universities
We made two types of leaflets and started to distribute them near subway stations to our targeted audience – Boy's image was given to girls, and Girl's image to boys.
We decided to make an information stand in Universities, where students could learn more about the program and apply if they want to.
The use of targeted hyperlinks in QR-codes in all our marketing materials allowed us to track the flow of our applicants and choose the best channel
This type of Pop-Up Stand was created to represent company, distribute leaflets and gather applications on annual Career Fair held in Moscow.

Ferrero: Grow with us! | Creative Branding

Case description

It’s not secret that for most large corporations it’s much easier and more convenient to grow Top Professionals from the inside and not to look for them on the side. The Ferrero company follows exactly these principles and for many years in a row is launching various training programs in order to select the best students and grow them big. This year we were lucky enough to help them do this and to develop a full advertising campaign aimed at searching the best talents.


First, we developed a creative concept, which included images of typical target candidates and an energetic slogan “Grow with us!”. The Key Visual and the Key Message we combined in a bright, playful and clear composition and spread it on a large number of materials.

In addition to the basic tools of promotion, offline (Posters and Leaflets), a large number of online materials was used, namely the Landing Page and Banner ads. To complete the effect, our partner, the FutureToday Agency proposed the creation of Information Stands in Universities, namely branded booths, where students could learn about the program and even directly apply to participate.

In order to qualitatively monitor the performance of the used engaging channels, we decided to make targeted hyperlinks for different promotional materials. QR-code tool shown itself really well and allowed us to find a drawdown and change the focus from one channel to another and achieve some unexpected results: during the promotional campaign there has been collected about 11,000 questionnaires and held more than 200 interviews.

We are very pleased to have helped Ferrero to select the best of the best!






Russian, English


2 April 2015


Creative Branding, Key Visual, Graphic Design, Web Design