ECLECTIC Group Visual Identity & Web Design

Case description

Leicht representative and official distributor in Russia approached us with a task to create the Identity and Website for the new brand, which brings together various suppliers of premium kitchens from Europe. Given the fact that the premium kitchens represent completely different styles, the name “Eclectic” was not chosen by chance.


Our task was to create the image of a premium brand and display the idea of ​​a harmonious combination of different styles and techniques. We designed the logo and the brand sign in the form of a tilted letter “e”, as well as a package of branded materials of two kinds – for communication with customers and partners.

The idea of ​​harmony and compatibility of styles was projected on the website, which task was to show the brand as a Premium-class, display kitchens and simplify the process of finding, selecting and ordering the products.




Russian, English


28 December 2014


Identity, Print Design, Web Design